Real Estate Trust

It is the fiduciary business that, in general terms, has as its purpose the administration of resources and goods affected by a real estate project or the administration of the resources associated with the development and execution of said project, in accordance with the instructions indicated in the contract.

There are different types of real estate fiduciary:

Pre-sale real estate trust: It is the fiduciary business that entails for the fiduciary company as the main obligation, to collect the monies coming from the promotion and acquisition of those interested in acquiring real estate within a real estate project. In this case, the fiduciary company receives the resources as a mechanism for linking to a specific real estate project and administers and invests them while the conditions established for the development of the real estate project are met.

Fiduciary pre-sale orders: These are commercial agreements concluded between the fiduciary and the constructor to receive, through fiduciary charges, the monies for the separation of the real estate, tending to the payment of the initial installments, with the purpose of transferring them to the constructors when they prove that they are meet the conditions that determine the commercial, technical and legal viability of construction projects.

Treasury Real Estate Trust: This is the fiduciary business whose main purpose is to entrust to the fiduciary company the investment and administration of cash resources destined to the execution of a real estate project.

Fiducia Real Estate administration and payments: It is the fiduciary business by virtue of which real property is transferred to the fiduciary company, without prejudice to the transfer or not of other goods or resources, so that it manages the real estate project, make the payments associated with its development in accordance with the instructions indicated in the constitutive act and transfer the units built to those who are beneficiaries of the respective contract.

Real estate bridge trust: This structure aims to guarantee that a plot of land will be used for the realization of a real estate project while the necessary studies and municipal procedures are carried out to carry it out. The patrimony is composed of the land in question, which was acquired by the developer / constructor (trustor) thanks to a financing granted by an investor (trustee), who will participate in the real estate project. This structure can be modified to form part of the real estate trust, which will facilitate the administration of the entire project itself.

Flow control trust (letters of guarantee): This structure is widely used in public and private works tendered and aims to manage the funds granted by the contracting entity (trustor) to carry out the work. To participate in the work, the trustor must deliver letters of guarantee to the entity. By administering the funds through a trust, the risk of execution of the letters of guarantee is minimized and it is ensured that the funds will be used exclusively in this work.