Escrow Accounts

As a fiduciary entity, we offer the opening of Scrow Accounts under the umbrella of our Master Account in CITIBANK NA in USA, this account offers you the opportunity to structure any financial transaction in the secondary market such as the sale of securities, issuance or receipt of bank guarantees or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or LC (letters of credit) from the structuring of guarantee trusts, administration, means of payment and investment, receipts of funds obtained from commissions in the purchase and sale of commodities, receipts of funds for the payment of the sale of minerals such as gold, nickel, coltan, copper, aluminum, receipt of loans obtained from a lender or investment fund by blocking and assigning a real estate asset through a Swift Mt 542, Issue of fiduciary participations based on the trusts of real estate guarantees for the funding of any socio-economically viable project.

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