SBLC (Stand By Letter of Credit)

Duke Capital SFP Trust Company LLC, has designed a financial product known as “Trust Guarantee.” This is framed within the legal parameters as Bank Guarantee “regularly known in this market as” Stand By Letter “or” SBLC “. This SBLC is issued with full and absolute responsibility of Duke Capital SFP Trust […]

Escrow Accounts

As a fiduciary entity, we offer the opening of Scrow Accounts under the umbrella of our Master Account in CITIBANK NA in USA, this account offers you the opportunity to structure any financial transaction in the secondary market such as the sale of securities, issuance or receipt of bank guarantees or […]

Management Fiduciary

The Administration Trust consists of the client (trustor) delivering one or all of the assets it owns to the Trust Company, with or without transfer of ownership, for the Trust Company to administer them and develop the purpose they established in the contract , in this type of trust, the trust […]

Public Trust

It is the fiduciary business in which a state entity intervenes as trustor. It differs from the mercantile fiduciary in that the state entity does not constitute an autonomous patrimony or transfers the property of the assets or resources trustee to the fiduciary, except in the cases expressly indicated in the […]

Real Estate Trust

It is the fiduciary business that, in general terms, has as its purpose the administration of resources and goods affected by a real estate project or the administration of the resources associated with the development and execution of said project, in accordance with the instructions indicated in the contract. There are […]

Trust in Guarantee

When a client has a debt (it can be a bank or another individual, a lender for example), you can give the Trust Company one or more of the assets you have to support the debt you have. In the event that he can not meet that debt, the Trust Company […]

Investment Fiduciary

In the Investment Fiduciary, the client (trustee) gives the Fiduciary Society, that is, the trustee, a sum of money to be invested in securities; The benefit can be for the client or for the beneficiary that has been designated. It should be noted that there are two types of investment trusts, […]