Quantum Blockchain

Introduction Around the world, Down Jones, Nasdaq, brokerage houses became civil regulators based on speculation, opportunism and rumors. Intermediaries (stock exchanges) do not have to raise or lower the price based on the before mentioned with the pretext of making the shares of a company public without taking into account the […]

Global Warming and Sustentability

The science is clear: climate change is happening. We are the cause. We need to act now. One of the main factors of global warming is the indiscriminate production of energy through the burning of fossils that cause pollutant emissions, through investments in CRYN we encourage and support the production of […]

Plataforma ABC

The ABC Platform is a technological tool that supports education, promoting the active participation of Parents with online information on their children’s activities within the school. Currently, school dropout is one of the main problems that afflict our society, only in the state of Tabasco it represents 4.5% of the total […]


Supporting the project World Development Plan for Indigenous Peoples promotes the strengthening of indigenous worldwide communities, forgets all kinds of governments, without conditioning or influencing community leaders to obtain any political benefit or of any kind, we promote values, the fight against poverty and hunger and the strengthening of their customs and identities […]

Mission Overview

The main mission, stop poverty to meet the challenges of the community or communities that we serve worldwide, through the services and programs that we create specifically to combat poverty and hunger, rehabilitate and empower battered and abused women, children, the elderly. We support endeavors and projects aimed at maintaining the […]

Introduction Team


Our team is born from the need to solve a global means of trust without borders, which from any part of the planet, those who have the blessings of intelligence and wealth, can help those who are born in places of less possibilities and intelligence. We are just a group of […]

Creative Rich Yield Nature Coin for Social Development

CRYN is a cryptocurrency that emerged with the digital financial evolution helping human rights development, brinding the gap for a better world to achive a healthy environment, without hunger, enriching the rigth to learn and respect the nature of each culture achieving sustainable social development for new generations. We start seeing […]