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CRYN is a cryptocurrency that emerged with the digital financial evolution

We are the fiduciary entity where you can buy up to 10 million CRYNcoin coins, and invest in the development of social projects around the world, buying with a significant discount according to the volume of investment on the day’s listed price.

Contract a financial guarantee based on this CRYNcoin Cryptocurrency, to be able to support any transaction.

We are the fiduciary entity where we can structure the purchase and sale of commodities products anywhere in the world, since both parties are fiduciated since our CRYNcoin-based guarantees are liquid and will be directly deposited in the company’s virtual wallet that is offers the Guarantee in a time of 10 minutes after the payment of the Guarantee, while the sale and purchase operation is carried out to the satisfaction of the parties.

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Our Products and Services

Investment Fiduciary

Investment trusts with specific destination. Investment management.


Public Trust

In which a state entity intervenes as trustor. Advance management.

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Guarantee Trust

Trust in guarantee itself, source of payments, assets and / or flow. Pension liabilities.

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Administration Trust

Administration and payments. Administration of securitization processes, portfolio. Capital Market.

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Real Estate Trust

Real estate pre-sale, treasury, administration and payment trusts. Flow control trust.

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Escrow Accounts

Escrow or escrow account in escrow or guarantee. Ensure that the payment reaches the seller.

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